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Maybe you went to church when you were younger, or maybe you’ve never been. Perhaps you have lots of questions to ask about Christianity, or perhaps you’d rather just sit and listen. You might think of yourself as a confused Christian, a convinced atheist, or somewhere in between. Whoever you are, whatever you’re thinking, Christianity Explored is a place for you to explore what life is all about.

Christianity Explored is an informal, relaxed, seven-week course. It’s for anyone who wants to think about what Christianity says about the meaning of life. It’s designed to help you explore the big issues we all think about. It’s run by ordinary people, local to you, and focuses on the person at the heart of the Christian faith—Jesus Christ.

For more information on the course please visit; or contact our church at if you would like to attend a course.

Service Times

Core Seminars, Sunday at 9:30 am
Sunday Service, Sunday 10:30 am
Community Groups, Sunday 5:00 pm
Group Bible Study, Wednesday 7:00 pm

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