Every week we have four regular gatherings each designed for a specific purpose:

Sunday Morning Core Seminars

9:30 am

Biblical and topical studies on things such as theology, evangelism, ethics, and family to equip our members so that they can adorn the Gospel and advance Christ’s church.

Sunday Morning Worship

10:30 am

This is our main gathering where members assemble to adore Christ by hearing from His Word and exalting Him through song. We are committed to exposing the truth of God’s Word in an accurate, clear, and practical way. We desire to passionately and reverently worship Christ through the historic hymns of the faith as well as the rich new songs of the church today.

Sunday Evening Community Groups

5:00 pm

A consistent opportunity for our members to build loving relationships in each others homes through prayer, fellowship, and the application of the Word of God to every day life.

Group Bible Study

Wednesday 7:00 pm

To teach and model good Bible study methods through interactive lessons in the Scripture.

In conjunction with our main gatherings, we have a clean, well-staffed nursery as well as age-appropriate children’s classes to teach them of the greatness of our God.

Service Times

Core Seminars, Sunday at 9:30 am
Sunday Service, Sunday 10:30 am
Community Groups, Sunday 5:00 pm
Group Bible Study, Wednesday 7:00 pm

Contact Us

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(414) 352-4740